Preview: our new 4-track EP, out on October 1

We have four songs coming out on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all platforms next week.

You can preview the songs at

The tracks are:
1. Who Cares What The Stars are Called?
New in the city, tumbling through the summer, meeting new people in galleries and losing track of time. A surprisingly giant cast helped us bring this one to life, including our second chanteuse Judith Charron helping us to channel Brian Wilson and Joe Meek with her choral backing vocals.

2. I Need More Music in My Life
The start of the journey. French Pop Dream songs tell the story of someone travelling across Europe, looking for something new. ‘I Need More music in My Life’ is the opener to the musical, the quiet before the storm, the moment of decision. We recorded at Seine Studios in Paris, previously home to Francoise Hardy and Jarvis Cocker, among many others.

3. Une Histoire de Plage
Our cover of Brigitte Bardot’s 1964 song. We recorded the vocals at Seine Studios, though the lovely warm home piano sound was achieved by… recording Anne playing the piano at home; we kept it from our demo version because it sounded lovely.

4. Theme from L’Amour or Less
This is the theme we recorded for the US/French TV pilot L’Amour or Less, a romcom-ish series detailing relationships between French and non-French people in Paris. We wrote a song that was 1 minute 40 but in the end the titles demanded something just a minute long. This is the minute-long final version. We had in mind that it should be a cousin to The Rembrandts’ theme from Friends. And maybe it is.


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